Easy Cleaning Techniques for your Sofa

A sofa is one of the most basic and most functional pieces of furniture in the house. We spend long hours sitting or lying on it every day. Sometimes that sofa can end up full of crumbs, stains, hair and much worse. Cleaning it, though seemingly difficult, can be achieved quickly and easily by following some simple tips.
Sofas come in many shapes, colours and materials – the latter is especially important to cleaning. Before you start cleaning, learn what the material of your sofa is. Most models have labels that identify whether:
W: You may use water for cleaning.
S: You can use specific cleaner for fabric.
SW: Water and cleaning products are safe to use.
X: Only dry cleaning.

Practical tips to clean your sofa:

  • Dry Cleaning: Use a vacuum cleaner. Most new vacuum cleaners have special attachments placed on the tip, to reach and clean even the most difficult parts of the sofa. Do not forget to vacuum both arms of the sofa, as well as the back.
  • Leather sofa: If your sofa is made of leather, you can use special products for cleaning leather surfaces, which you can find in stores. If the sofa is not too dirty, use a damp cloth instead.
    Sofa with wooden surfaces: If your sofa has wooden framing, use a cloth to remove the dust.
  • Sofa with velvet fabric or synthetic microfiber: If you do not want to use chemicals, try cleaning your sofa with a chamois cloth, dipped in a solution of water, some drops of vinegar, and ammonia. Rub over stains and when removed, leave the fabric to dry naturally.
  • For the odours that have soaked in your sofa: Sprinkle your sofa with baking soda, leave for an hour, and then remove it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Hair from pets: Use a dry, synthetic cloth with long fibres, to collect the hair that your pet loses over time. Alternatively, use duct tape. Wrap the tape around your palm and place your hand over the area you want to clean. The hairs stick to the tape.
  • Deep cleaning: For even deeper cleaning, you can use a steam cleaner on any upholstery. The hot steam will eliminate any germs.
  • For difficult cases: In really difficult cases, there is always a risk of causing damage to the fabric of the sofa while cleaning. In such cases, the safest solution is to use the help of professional cleaning services that have the expertise and the resources to do the job properly and safely.