Credit Guide

Local Appliance Rentals Pty Ltd holds an Australian Credit Licence Number 000394374.
Contact details are as follows:
Head Office Street Address: Suite 13/188 Stratton Terrace Manly Qld 4179 Email: [email protected]
Head Office Postal Address: P.O.Box 5015 Manly Qld 4179 Web:
Ph: Freecall 1800 980 650 Office: 07 3393 5696 Fax: 07 3396 8311

  1. How does Local Appliance Rentals Pty Ltd assess whether I can afford my Rental Contract.

    Local Appliance Rentals Pty Ltd is required under the Responsible Lending requirements of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 to make an assessment as to whether a Lease is not unsuitable for the consumer.To be able to make this assessment they are required to make various enquiries of your ability to afford the rental repayments for the items you require. A Lease will be deemed unsuitable if you will be unable to comply with your financial obligations under the lease or only be able to comply with substantial hardship. This assessment is done in several ways.

    a) We must make reasonable inquiries as to your financial situation.
    b) Make reasonable inquiries as to your requirements and objectives with regard to the Lease that you wish to proceed with.
    c) We must verify your Financial Information that you have supplied to us. To do this you will be required to supply us with one or several of the following items:
    Employment Details. Recent Payslips. Bank Statements and some form of personal identification.

  2. Can I get a copy of this assessment.

    Yes, you are entitled to request a copy of the assessment. If you want a copy of your assessment contact your Local Appliance Rentals Franchisee or our Head Office and ask for one. They will send you a copy by post within 14 days of you requesting a copy.

  3. What do I do if I have a complaint regarding my Rental contract

    We aim to resolve any complaint at your first point of contact with us, so we encourage you to raise any complaint that you may have with our customer relations team at our Head office in Brisbane on our Freecall number 1800 980 650. In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve your issues to your satisfaction you are able to take your complaint to the approved External Dispute Resolution scheme of which we are a member. Local Appliance Rentals Pty Ltd membership number is 15101.Their details are as follows:Financial Ombudsman Service: Tel: 1300 780808 GPO Box 3 Melbourne Vic 3001 Email: [email protected]