Samsung Galaxy note 5 32GB

Samsung Galaxy note 5 32GB



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    This is the latest Samsung Smartphone and with its 5.1” full HD screen, you won’t be disappointed. This handset is water and dust resistant so you can stress less about your phone and just live life. And if you like to get as much out of your phone as possible then the ultra-power saving mode will help your phone last longer.

Rent a Samsung and Save

Believe it or not, there are other alternatives besides getting locked into another phone plan just to get the latest handset and replace your current broken model. With today’s mobiles seeming to be as difficult to keep a grip of as a bar of soap, the unfortunate circumstance of being left with a shattered and dysfunctional handset is more common than not. Don’t take the first new plan you find just to get a new replacement, rent a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Local Appliance Rentals and give yourself time to play the field for the best bargain.

Benefits of choosing to rent

Choosing to rent the Samsung Galaxy from us allows you to have the latest model without the expensive price tag and gives you the convenience of a weekly or fortnightly repayment plan. Often it is simply not conceivable to pay for a handset outright as they can usually be upwards of $800; avoid this stress by choosing one of our affordable rental options.

Another advantage comes down to the ever changing market of phone plans and their competitive nature of constantly trying to outdo their rivals. Give yourself the time you need to do some research by renting a mobile and comparing your options to get a plan for the best value, with the additional extras that suit your lifestyle.

The latest Galaxy models

It seems like every couple of months there’s a new smartphone model that everybody wants but only a few people can get due to being locked into restrictive phone plans. With Local Appliance Rentals, you can be one of those lucky people who gets the newest model without having to pay extra or wait a couple of years. Rent a Samsung Galaxy s5 and change your handset easily when a new model comes out, such as an iPhone.

We do more than mobiles

We offer a wide range of rental options for your home or personal use, such as fridgeswashing machines, laptops, smartphones, and lounges. Without any sneaky bonds or fees, we offer a terrific alternative to spending a fortune on important household appliances.

Why choose us?

Our rental process is made simple and we can come to you for your convenience. We have no bond or application fees and our affordable repayment structures are made to be fair. If you’d like to talk about your decision to upgrade to the Galaxy S5, give us a call on 1800 980 650.